Adobe, Pantone and the Ocean Agency asked creatives to create 
something meaningful with impact for their creative challenge "Glowing Glowing Gone" 
with the purpose to create awareness for the rapid dying of coral reefs 
due to climate change and ocean warming.

This is my take on it.
The film was created with the three main colors of the campaign
Glowing Blue
Glowing Purple
and Glowing Yellow

- Provide food and livelihoods for a billion people
- Home to about a million species
- Support a quarter of all marine life
- Provide $375 billion per year for the global economy
- Source of life saving medicines

Before corals die and bleach out, they glow in these bright, fluorescent colors
They produce this colorful chemicals and try to protect themselves from ocean heatwaves
The film was made entirely with organic effects, using inks and different fluids
In the first part, i wanted to show the vivid glowing colors that the corals adopt​​​​​​​
before this important ecosystem literally breaks apart in the end
Some of the abstract coral forms that were created with inks during the making of the film

More infos at

You can license the shots from this film on Stocksy

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